Where to start?   When I was in first grade, I wrote a poem about Girl Scouts that won a contest and was published in the local newspaper.   I’m not going to say the exact date of that publication, but let’s just say that makes me a published for multiple decades.  I wrote a little of everything for my high school’s newspaper and yearbook, wrote music and theater reviews for my college newspaper, and had my senior thesis (from college) published in the (now defunct) Journal of Early Modern Literary Studies.  If you are going to send me an email about that paper, I apologize, I am still trying to unearth the hard copy from a mountain of boxes in storage.  I apologize!

After grad school, I moved to San Francisco, where I wrote even more theater reviews (because I am a glutton for punishment). I then became a freelance copywriter, then a Content Strategist, then an Associate Creative Director (Copy), then a Consultant for some of the world’s best-known companies.  I have written everything from web copy to articles to marketing collateral to print ads to email sequences to white papers to books!   In case you’re curious, I recently wrapped up a 16-year long (yes, you’re reading that right!) contract with Johnson & Johnson, so I am back in the game and hirable for writing, brand strategy, or whatever content-related project you might have going.

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