Learn How to Make Money Publishing Notebooks, Journals, and More on Amazon!

Heard about publishing no-content and low-content books on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), but don’t know where to start? Are you curious about selling notebooks, journals, planners, logbooks, sketchbooks, or other types of books on Amazon KDP?

This book is a start-to-finish blueprint for breaking into the low-content publishing business.

Learn How to Grow Your Fan Base!

Who needs an email list?

The answer is: you. The most important asset in any working author’s life is their email list, period, full-stop.

Imagine launching a book and having it be successful right after you announce it, without ever having to beg for reviews, bribe your friends, or pay for advertising!

Learn How to Publish Your Book!

If you’ve dreamt of holding your book in your hands, sharing it with friends, or even selling it to people across the country and the world, this guide is for you!


Learn How to Make a Website!

Who needs a website these days?

The answer is: everyone. If you’re reading this, you probably need a website!

Imagine having a great idea for a website and then being able to have that idea up and running in just a few hours. With the tools and skills you’ll learn in this book, you’ll be able to do just that!



Funny You Should Ask: How to Market a Book, provides a start-to-finish blueprint for getting your book out there in a big way.. You’ll discover what goes into an ideal author platform, how to optimize your book’s metadata to show up in the Amazon algorithm, and all the steps of a perfect book launch.

Hollywood Car Wash: a novel, an adventure, a marketing experiment. In case I’ve never told you this story, here’s a 30-second version of how I self-published my first novel, and it sold so many copies, Simon & Schuster bought it and re-released it.    It’s true– it happened!  Get it>>

Since then, it’s gotten even easier to publish work yourself and get it out there using websites and social media.