How to Make a Website (the book!)

Are we playing a game of “how did you spend your pandemic time” yet? If so, I guess I will throw this into the mix. During my years of working on websites (for Corporate America and also for clients), I started compiling a guide to everything from buying domains to getting hosting to installing WordPress to my very own killer SEO strategy. Eventually that guide became so long, I thought “Hey, I should turn that into a book when I have time!”

Then I had time. Just so, so much time.

Here’s the thing. I know that no one really WANTS to learn this kind of technical stuff, but I tried to make it fun with some Culwell-like humorous writing thrown in there to make you laugh along the way. This marks the first time I have ever mixed technical writing like this with my “humorous” writing, and it actually turned out to be fun! I hope it is well received, because I have the next book in the series all planned out. Maybe my new niche will be “teaching people boring-ish technical things while entertaining them along the way.”

I know I have told many of you over the years that you definitely need a website. This is still very much true, and now is your chance to have me walk you through making one!

Also, here is some additional news that is very cool– this book just came out, and this morning it was a # 1 new release on Amazon! I have only gotten that badge one other time in my (decades-long) writing career, so I’m pretty excited right now.


Anyhow, real talk: if you need a website, this book is worth the price of admission. Even if you are not going to do the whole site yourself, you will learn enough by reading through it to save yourself hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

Get the book!!

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You guys!  I’m so excited to tell you that I have a piece on’s website!    It’s called 6 Steps to Take Today to Improve Your Google Search Results.  I am super excited about it, and I hope you will read it, find it useful, and share it!

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