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Experts agree: we are on the verge of a huge shift in consciousness, starting with the way we perceive and use energy in our lives. If you’ve been practicing the law of attraction faithfully and are still not seeing the object of your desires, you might be missing a key piece of the puzzle.

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You’ve written a book—now what??

Whether you’ve recently self-published, have just gotten a book deal with a big publisher, your book is out, or anywhere in between, you probably know one thing—you need a website, and you need to be promoting yourself on a regular basis on social media.

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My second novel, a YA title called “The Dirt,” was released in November of 2011 and is an Amazon bestseller!

Here’s the description:  Lucy Whitley cannot wait to get out of Palm Desert. It’s not a place for a frizzy-haired science nerd, particularly when her fashion-obsessed older sister Sloane is the head of a clique of pretty girls who rule the school — and practically the whole town. Fortunately, life is about to change forever.  Get it>>

Hollywood Car Wash: a novel, an adventure, a marketing experiment. In case I’ve never told you this story, here’s a 30-second version of how I self-published my first novel, and it sold so many copies, Simon & Schuster bought it and re-released it.    It’s true– it happened!  Get it>>

Since then, it’s gotten even easier to publish work yourself and get it out there using websites and social media.